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  • meet dinesh

    Meet Dinesh

    September 01, 2022 | Meet Our People

    My role is to administer database systems, which requires me to work with various teams to fulfill their data processing and reporting requirements. I also collect and analyze data, create models to understand relationships and transfer data to third parties to support the Credit Union’s many projects. My job is very interesting and sometimes challenging – I’m enjoying my role very much.

  • sce fcu amigo mascot

    Meet Miguel

    August 01, 2022 | Meet Our People

    I'm a Member Service Representative at the Boyle Heights Branch. I assist members with teller transactions by accurately and efficiently handling their financial needs in person or by phone.

  • meet gennevi

    Meet Gennevi

    July 01, 2022 | Meet Our People

    I have the privilege of being a Member Service Representative Floater, which means I’m able to help our branches whenever there’s a need.

  • meet ana

    Meet Ana

    June 01, 2022 | Meet Our People

    I’m responsible for processing all share draft files, posting electronic transactions, and making adjustments when needed. I also help our Member Care Center when members need assistance with Zelle, Online or Mobile Banking, ATM/Debit cards, ACH, Share Drafts and remote deposits.

  • meet rod

    Meet Rod

    May 01, 2022 | Meet Our People

    I perform accounting functions that relate directly to our participation loans, Auto Loans and Leases, Pay-by-Phone, and many others. I also submit quarterly and annual financial reports, and assist others in my department with NCUA reports. In other words, I do the stuff that makes all the ladies swoon, and all the guys wish they were me. It’s fulfilling, inasmuch that without the information I help compile, no one would know how the Credit Union is doing! The enjoyment comes from the ever-changing (and challenging) situations that invariably arise.

  • sce fcu amigo mascot

    Meet Amber

    April 01, 2022 | Meet Our People

    I’m a Financial Services Consultant at the Henderson, NV branch. I’m happy to assist our members with their financial needs. Members are sometimes unaware of the help we offer to consolidate debt, especially in these times when many were affected by the pandemic. It’s truly rewarding to see members who’ve experienced some financial challenges in the past being able to improve their lives with the services we offer.

  • meet john

    Meet John

    March 01, 2022 | Meet Our People

    The work I do in my department ranges from taking calls from our team members to fixing a computer or network issue. I provide network support, answer, evaluate and prioritize incoming phone calls, email, and in-person requests for assistance from users.

  • meet manana

    Meet Manana

    February 01, 2022 | Meet Our People

    My official title is Sr. Loan Processor and as the title suggests, I process various types of consumer, real estate and business loans. I immensely enjoy what I do because it has meaning and purpose. When we do our jobs well, our members benefit by way of taking advantage of our many loan products designed to improve the financial lives of our valued members.

  • meet lizeth

    Meet Lizeth

    January 01, 2022 | Meet Our People

    I love what I do as a Financial Services Consultant! What I enjoy most is helping members save money by helping them to refinance or consolidate their high interest rate loans. I also take care of members opening new accounts and any account maintenance. I find my position very fulfilling.

  • meet art

    Meet Art

    December 01, 2021 | Meet Our People

    I’m one of the Supervisors in the Member Care Center. I assist with the day-to-day activities within the department. Every day brings a new challenge as we help with a multitude of inquiries. This position allows me to interact with members as well as lead a team of Member Care Consultants.