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Visa® Credit Cards

Choose the credit card that's right for you. All SCE FCU Visa cards come with low rates, no annual fees, generous credit limits, and 100% fraud protection – and fine print that's fair. Whether you're looking for a card to make daily purchases, a cash advance, or a balance transfer, we've got you covered. And, we offer a Rewards card where you earn points toward travel, brand-name gifts and more – or even cash back.

Visa® Credit Cards
  Visa Platinum Rewards Visa Platinum Business Platinum Secured Platinum
No Annual Fee Check Check Check Check
Rewards Points Check   Check  
100% Fraud Protection Check Check Check Check
Online Transaction History Check Check Check Check
Extended Warranty on Purchases Check Check Check Check
Rental Car Insurance Check Check Check Check
Travel Accident Insurance1 Check Check Check Check
Travel Planning Assistance Check Check Check Check
Lost Ticket Replacement Check Check Check Check
Lost Baggage Assistance Check Check Check Check
Foreign Language Translations Check Check Check Check

Visa Platinum Rewards

This card features a low interest rate and a Rewards point program. You can redeem your points toward travel, merchandise, electronics and much more – and even cash back. Plus, you can combine your Visa Rewards points with our Debit Rewards points and rack them up even faster – and your points never expire! All with no annual fee.

Visa Platinum

If you prefer the lowest rate, our non-points card may be what you're looking for.

Business Platinum

Our Business Visa is a sound financial choice for your business. Built-in conveniences make managing your business easier, and we offer low, competitive rates. With multiple cards available for employees under one umbrella account, and easy cash access at ATMs around the globe, the SCE FCU Business Visa is a smart option for business owners. Check out our Business Center for all your business account needs!

Business Center

Secured Platinum

Help build or re-establish your credit with an SCE FCU Secured Platinum Visa. You can use it like any other credit card and it's accepted worldwide.

EMV Chip Cards

All SCE FCU credit cards come with EMV (EuroPay MasterCard and Visa) computer chip technology that improves fraud protection and security. This makes it even harder for your account information to get stolen and for you to become a victim of identity theft. In any case, you're always covered by Visa fraud protection.

EMV chip card FAQs

ScoreCard Rewards Program

For each retail dollar you spend using your Visa Platinum Rewards card, you'll earn a point toward airfare, vacation packages or brand-name merchandise. Register with ScoreCard to check your points and view the catalog.

ScoreCard Rewards

Verified by Visa

All our cards include Verified by Visa – a security feature designed to protect your SCE FCU Visa credit card when using it online. Verified by Visa allows you to add your own personal password to your existing card, giving you added confidence your personal information is safe when making purchases online. There's no charge to set it up or use it, so register today.

Verified by Visa

Visa Checkout

Say goodbye to the hassle of re-entering personal information every time you pay. Say hello to the more convenient way to pay online. Now you can speed through checkout using a single log-in wherever you see the Visa Checkout button.

Visa Checkout


Rate Table: Visa Credit Cards

Visa® Credit Card Rates
  Introductory APR5 Variable APR Annual Fee
Platinum 2.90% 10.00% - 18.00% $0
Platinum Rewards 2.90% 11.00% - 18.00% $0
Secured Platinum   18.00% $0


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