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Home Equity Loans


Wouldn't it be nice to remodel the kitchen, deck out the garage, or maybe landscaping the backyard for your best bud and helper?

Our Home Equity Loans and HELOCs can provide you with the extra cash you need... to pay down debt, add a pool for the kids, or put a down payment on an RV or second home.

So let's get started... you focus on your projects and we'll focus on getting you the loan.

equity loans
  Interest-Only HELOC Traditional HELOC Home Equity Loan
Perfect for... those who want more time to repay those who want funds as needed those who want funds up front
Interest rate Variable Variable Fixed
Limit amounts $25k to $250k1 $25k to $500k2 $25k to $500k3
Owner Occupied LTV4
Non-Owner Occupied LTV
Up to 80%
Up to 80%
Up to 70%
Up to 80%
Up to 70%
Draw period 10 years 10 years  
Repayment period Up to 20 years Up to 10 years Up to 20 years
Prepayment penalty None None None
Online and Mobile Banking Check Check Check


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Together, we can make
your financial goals a reality.