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Most teens get their money habits and skills from their parents. Skills like setting goals, looking up missing facts, and following through to help teens achieve financial well-being in adulthood. These skills are a foundation for deliberate financial decision-making, like financial planning, research and intentional decisions. At this age, independent decision-making is a money milestone you can watch for, and help your teen reach.

Money ideas to talk about with your teen

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Say: Money comes out of your paycheck for taxes and employee benefits like healthcare or retirement.



Say: Once you have a habit of saving, keep going until you have enough for rainy days ahead.



Say: You can set and plan for short- and long-term goals.


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Say: Comparison shopping applies to things like investments and colleges, not just things in stores.



Say: Pay off your credit cards in full to avoid fees and interest that could cost more than you planned.



Say: Insurance helps you protect things you have that would be expensive if something goes wrong.

Helpful Tips
Keep in mind that you're teaching about money, on purpose or not. Your children are constantly watching and listening, so they might absorb more than you think. When you shop for a bargain, or splurge on a treat, or plan a special occasion, you're showing your kids how to think about money.

Don't worry too much about things you don't know. You're in good company. Most people don't. and that's okay. Every day, you excel at something your children need to learn – whether it's managing your time between work and home, saving money when you shop, or planning for a future event.

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