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  • house exterior

    If you want to buy a house in the next year, be prepared to save up and act fast.

  • side of car

    At 40 years old, Car & Driver’s 10 Best award remains fit, vigorous, and full of automotive goodness.

  • toy car and house

    You may have carefully considered your auto and home insurance deductibles when you first purchased your policies, but you probably haven’t given them much thought since. If so, it might be worth re-evaluating. Having the appropriate deductible for your situation not only provides peace of mind, but might save you money.

  • older couple wearing sunglasses

    Paying for medical care is a major consideration when transitioning into retirement. Some health-related expenses are simple to predict and can be factored into your budget, such as paying insurance premiums.

  • woman looking at phone

    Paying off debt might seem like the most important thing to do for your financial health, but building up a savings buffer is just as critical. That way, when unexpected expenses come up, you’ll have funds set aside – and you won’t fall deeper into debt.

  • making a list

    Embrace the allure of a fresh start with the new year. It's a great time to commit to your money goals, budget better, pay down debt, ditch bad habits and improve your financial picture to reach your goals.

  • house

    Will the housing market improve in 2022? The 2021 housing market was a double-edged sword for home shoppers. Low rates and increased flexibility with working from home put many first-time buyers on the map. But limited inventory and skyrocketing prices made housing harder to come by.

  • investment graph

    Yes, it’s that time again. Time to take stock of your savings and tax-planning opportunities. Don’t leave money on the table: Consider these seven year-end moves instead.

  • house with christmas lights

    The winter holidays may be different this year, with fewer gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic. But traditional decorations and cozy fires will still be around, and many families might welcome a small number of holiday visitors who take appropriate health precautions.

  • christmas ring box

    You've decided to ask your person for their hand in marriage. The next step is trying to figure out which ring to choose and how much to spend on it.