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Text Banking

Text Banking enables you to check your past transactions and account balances via text messages on your mobile phone or wireless device. It’s free, safe & secure!

How does it work?

Using your smartphone, send a text message with a command word like “BAL” to 454545 and we’ll reply instantly with your account balance. It’s just like texting a friend!

How do I get started?

Enrollment is as easy as 1, 2, 3! With your cell phone nearby and using your desktop PC, you must first log in to your Online Banking account, go to the Mobile Banking & Alerts tab, then click the Activate button under Text Message Banking. Once there, simply follow the prompts:

  1. Enter your cell phone number
  2. Enter the activation code sent to your mobile device
  3. Select your accounts and notifications

Once you’ve set up your notification preferences… you’re good to go!

Text us at 454545

Once enrolled, you can text a variety of commands to us:

Text Banking
BAL (or BALANCE) – returns the current and available balance on the primary account
BAL CHK (or BAL CHECK, BAL CHECKING ACCOUNT) – returns the current account balance of all active checking accounts
BAL SAV (or BAL SAVE, BAL SAVINGS, BAL SAVINGS ACCOUNT) – returns the current balances of all active savings accounts
BAL ALL (or ALL BAL, BALANCE ALL, ALL BALANCE) – returns the current balances for all active accounts
LAST (or LAST5, LAST 5, LAST FIVE, LAST TRANS) – returns the most recent 5 transactions on the primary account
TRANS (or TRANSFER, TRAN, T) + amount – returns updated balances for the transfer account and the primary account
HELP (or HLP) – returns information related to using text message banking
STOP (or END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, QUIT) – terminates text message banking for that mobile number

Weekly Balance Alerts

As a courtesy, we’ll automatically send you weekly balance notifications every Friday to the primary mobile number by default. You have the option to turn this service off within Online Banking, under the Mobile Banking & Alerts tab.

Other Alerts

You have the option to set up a variety of alerts – Low Balance Alerts, High Payment Alerts, and Large Deposit Alerts. All alerts can be set up during the enrollment process or simply log in to Online Banking any time. You’ll find them under the Mobile Banking & Alerts tab.