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  • students walking on college campus

    Millions of college students will return to campus this fall after attending classes remotely during the 2020-21 academic years. The transition to college living may involve new experiences and challenges, even for those who’ve lived on campus before.

  • couple reviewing financials

    Check out these tips for more effectively managing your cash flow. Only earning enough money each month to cover your bills and living expenses isn’t just an issue for low and moderate-income earners in America. A new survey shows up to half of those bringing in six figures annually also lead a paycheck-to-paycheck existence.

  • hand holding cellphone

    Scammers come up with all sorts of stories to convince you to send money or share your information. They might call or send you a text or email, pretending they’re tech support from Microsoft or Apple. They’ll tell you to put money on a gift card or spend cryptocurrency to protect yourself from a security breach. Don’t. It’s a scam.

  • sce fcu amigo mascot

    Meet Miguel

    August 01, 2022 | Meet Our People

    I'm a Member Service Representative at the Boyle Heights Branch. I assist members with teller transactions by accurately and efficiently handling their financial needs in person or by phone.

  • sce fcu amigo mascot

    Holiday Schedule

    August 01, 2022 | Events

    SCE FCU branches will be closed on the following days. You still have access to your accounts 24/7 through Online & Mobile Banking or FastLine phone teller at 800.866.6575.

  • Get Down With This Duo

    We’ve eliminated fees on balance transfers and cash advances through September 30!1

  • scefcu amigo mascot

    Statement Inserts

    August 01, 2022 | Statements

    Here are your monthly statement inserts.

  • newlyweds whispering in each others ears

    Your wedding promises to be a wonderfully memorable day, but it can also come with a wonderfully hefty price tag. There are the major expenses like the venue, food and entertainment. But little things can add up too, and lead you to ask questions like: Do we really need party favors? How important are flowers, really? Wait, I have an Aunt Marge? As the day draws near and bills come due, one question will continue to linger: How are we going to pay for this wedding?

  • dog laying in a box

    What's an Interest-Only HELOC? Well... it's a loan where your initial monthly payments only include the accrued interest on the money you borrow.

  • cat playing with a dog

    While they typically don’t cost as much as caring for a child does, owning a pet can be pricey – especially if your pooch has special dietary needs, requires medications, regular boarding or unexpected medical treatments.