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Open Your Eyes to SCE Credit Union

Welcome to a better way to do money. How are we different?

Well, we offer all of the same products as banks, but we don’t have any outside shareholders. Instead, our members are our shareholders. That means our profits are reinvested in our members in the form of better rates on all accounts. Neat, right?

It's so easy to join!

Credit unions are open to a wide range of memberships. Whether it's community based, affiliated with an employee group, church, or school, these affiliation types are broad and diverse. Because of how numerous these affiliation groups are, more people than you think are able to join and enjoy the benefits of a credit union.

We're a community based credit union and we're right here in your neighborhood. We're your friends and neighbors, focused on achieving more together - for you personally and for our community.

We're a down-to-earth credit union that happens to be a modern-day financial expert. We understand you require modern solutions with real values to meet your financial needs.

credit union benefits

You're a person, not an account number

Honest advice for a brighter financial future
At SCE FCU, we pride ourselves on being small enough to know you and our neighbors, but big enough to bring the world to your fingertips. We care about who you are, and what you dream of. This means we can offer you honest, personalized advice to make your financial future brighter.

Your goals are our goals
Get personalized advice to help you reach your goals sooner.

We've got your back!

See more, do more, live more awesome!

We're for people with plans, whatever they are
In America, we love to dream bigger, brighter and always better. At SCE FCU, we'll work with you to make that dream, however crazy, a reality. So, whether it's a thoughtful gift, a brand-new car or a vacation at the lake, we'll help you get it.

Make your money go further
With higher rates on savings and lower rates on loans, we push your money so it works as hard as you do. All these benefits add up to help your money keep up with your plans.

Banking where you get the bonus

Our rates and terms are hard to beat!
Our business model is as unique as our members. Because when you become a member, you become a shareholder. That means our profits go back to you in the form of better rates and better service.

As an SCE FCU member, you own a piece of the pie

Your money. Where you want it. When you want it.

Travel easy with Online and Mobile Banking
Our apps make online and mobile banking simple. You can access your money on the go, so there's nothing stopping you from chasing those dreams.

Your money at your fingertips...
no matter where your adventures take you

Access to your money wherever you are

Tens of thousands of ATMs coast to coast
Enjoy access to ATM networks all across America. No cash? No problem. With networks of ATMs available all across the country, your money is always close at hand. So go ahead, lose yourself somewhere new - safe in the knowledge that your money's always nearby.

We've got you covered in all 50 states... 24/7


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