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Financial Learning

At SCE FCU, we love to help you succeed! Whether it’s improving your credit, increasing your savings, understanding taxes, or other personal finance topics, our brief and interactive educational modules can help improve your financial awareness. These Financial Learning modules can help you to be on the right path!

Financial Learning

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Getting Started

You’re young, talented and full of dreams. But before you can change the world, you have to master the basics of financial literacy. We can help.

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Financing Dreams

The credit game can be won! If you’re a new player or simply wondering how to get to the next level, get a head start here!

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Planning for Your Future

How do you begin preparing your finances for the next stage of your life? Whether you hope to go to college, are trying to understand investments or planning for retirement… we’re here to help.

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Protecting Yourself

Saving for emergencies and protecting yourself from potentially losing your hard-earned money can be a challenge. Learn what to look for and how to keep your money and your identity safe.

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